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Free Soho Channel

Industry: Media & Publishing
Market:New Zealand
Style: Minimalism
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Other credit:Entrant Company: DDB GROUP NEW ZEALAND, Auckland, New Zealand
Media Agency: OMD NEW ZEALAND , Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Additional Company: SKY TELEVISION NEW ZEALAND , Mount Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
Digital Creative Director, Hadyn Kerr, DDB Group New Zealand
Lead Business Director, James Blair, DDB Group New Zealand
Agency Producer, Alva Casey, DDB Group New Zealand
Sound Engineer, Dan Partington, DDB Group New Zealand
Business Director, Katya Urlwin, DDB Group New Zealand
Business Manager, Trinity Lawry, DDB Group New Zealand
Digital Illustrator, Jim Pachal, DDB Group New Zealand
Head of Digital Design, Jason Vertongen, DDB Group New Zealand
Digital Director, Liz Knox, DDB Group New Zealand
Senior Interactive Producer, Johannes Gertz, DDB Group New Zealand
Developer, Simon Betton, DDB Group New Zealand

Execution 3 'Free Soho Channel'Computer voice: WWW dot hello New Zealand, dash, the team from Pied Piper here, dash, we made you this giant url dot co dot nz. Forward slash because the new season of Silicon Valley is coming to Sky and we are giving away 12 months free Soho to the first Sky customer who correctly enters this URL. Forward slash I am being serious forward slash even that bit where I said I am being serious is part of it forward slash, now I am just saying random stuff to make it harder… forward slash pineapple, Tuesday, chrysanthemum.(long pause) You thought I was done didn’t you? Forward slash Silicon Valley Thursdays at 8:30 on Soho.

We hear what sounds like the automated speech voice on a computer.But the way it's speaking sounds strange. Like it's reading out one giant URL. That's because it is. The computer explains that to celebrate the new season of Silicon Valley coming to Sky we are giving away prizes like a year's free Sky and swag from the show if you can enter the entire URL (entire radio ad) into your web browser.Note: If they are able to correctly type the URL into their browser they get the prize.

Silicon Valley is a popular TV series comedy about a start up tech company. The show has two kinds of fans, regular fans and hardcore fans (who get into the 'meta' nature of the show.)Pied Piper is the name of the company in the show.
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Silver Radio
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