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Map | Promote Iceland | The Brooklyn Brothers
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Industry: Transport & Tourism
Market:United Kingdom
Style: Minimalism
The country of Iceland had transformed itself from one of Europe's poorest countries to one of its wealthiest in the space of a generation. After the financial crisis in 2008, Iceland suffered yet another blow when that volcano unexpectedly erupted and sent plumes of ash into the Icelandic air.

The negative press and sentiment surrounding Iceland was turning potential tourists off. The effect of the volcano was felt immediately with tourism numbers plummeting 30% in the two remaining weeks of April, a decline that continued into the start of May.

This campaign involved Icelanders in telling their stories to the world. In July 2010, Iceland hour was created during which Icelanders went online and told the world how much they love their country. Even the Prime Minister got involved!

Within 2 weeks of the launch, over 85% of Icelanders were aware of the campaign. After 6 weeks, over half of the Icelandic public had contributed stories. Within just 10 weeks, the country was perceived as a safe place to visit again, visitor numbers were up 27% against forecasts. The first quarter of 2011 has seen Iceland’s highest tourist numbers ever.

On Facebook alone over 45,000 fans were recruited and over 2 million stories were seen and sent out by fans. Between June and August the live webcams were viewed 60 million times.

In total an additional 73 thousand tourists visited the country from Europe, worth an additional £127.4m to Iceland’s economy. The total campaign expenditure was £2m within this period, giving a short-term ROMI of 62.7:1.

Inspired by Iceland demonstrates how a new model of Social Participation can change both attitudes and behaviours, and deliver impressive commercial results.
EACA Euro Effies 2011
Grand Prix
EACA Euro Effies 2011
Best Integration of Social Media Effectiveness
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