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Touch | Pampers | Saatchi & Saatchi
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Industry: House, Garden & Pets
Media:Direct Market
Published:Jan., 2004
Style: Minimalism
Pampers sought to accelerate brand trust and business growth in two markets facing very specific and different challenges. In Sweden, Pampers is the second player behind a strong local competitor Libero, while in Greece, Pampers’ leadership share was thought to have reached a level that could not be surpassed. The resulting ‘World of Babies’ campaign brought to life the experience of being a baby for the target mums by literally converting the adult experience of the media they consumed into the equivalent experience for a baby. A cohesive creative and media strategy generated share increases as well as major shifts in Pampers’ ownership of ‘baby stages’ equity in both markets.
• Increase share for Pampers +2pts minimum, particularly for its premium range (New Baby, Active Fit, Easy-Up Pants) which sell at a c.125 index price premium to the equivalent range for branded competition).
• Accelerate the ownership of the brand positioning in a short time period (2-3 months)
• Widen the gap between Pampers and the competition in terms of ownership of core brand attributes (+10pts versus nearest branded competition)

Mums with babies 0-3yrs; Pregnant Mums 3 months +

Pampers’ target is very narrow, with mums of babies in the pre-natal to toilet training stage accounting for only 10% or less of the population. These mums are exceptionally information hungry and deeply appreciative of receiving information in an informative, insightful and non-directive way. These two factors combined to make them the perfect opportunity to experiment with targeted interactive and relationship building communications and non-conventional media.

Professional recommendation and word of mouth recommendation are very important influencers of mum's product choice. Pampers designed the experience in such a way as to generate consumer word of mouth via media and professional interest.

January 2004 to beginning June 2004.
To build brand empathy quickly in Sweden and drive it to new heights in Greece the creative strategy was to make mums experience the world as a baby by bringing to life the physical and sensorial experience of being a baby. This was achieved by converting the adult’s experience of the “media” they are consuming to the equivalent experience for a baby.

The campaign was solely insight-driven, with no products featured or any product-sell.

The campaign idea was tailor-executed for each single medium: direct mail delivered an experience around baby’s sense of touch, while radio delivered it around baby’s sense of hearing. TV featured a peek-a-boo game with mum and she was mesmerised by colours, shapes and sounds.

Broadcast, Print, Interactive/On-Line, Public Relations, Out-of-Home

Under € 5 million.

The design of the communications media plan was based on each medium’s ability to a) deliver insights around the experience of being a baby, b) build an intimate relationship with mum to build brand trust and c) surprise via unexpected 'non-parenting' media.

The experiential nature of the creative idea and the small size of the target audience led to the use of non-mass media as the most efficient and effective means of communicating. TV and radio built initial awareness and represented only 22% of total media budget.

The balance of the budget focused on building relationships via intimate and unusual media experiences: a) Experiential marketing (19%) via ambient media (bus shelters, parks and underground billboards) and the ‘World of Babies’ Mobile Tour took consumers through the baby experience. Car park media and support in store linked the experience directly through to the opportunity to buy. b) Print and DTCM (38%), One-to-one marketing via direct mail and press activity tailored insights and information to mums according to their baby’s age and development stage via the mail and the Internet(4%) ; parenting press carefully targeted messaging to mums in an intimate environment to drive ongoing awareness. c) PR activity (17%) targeted the media and professional communities to drive word of mouth and to drive mums to a mobile tour, generating over 15 million free impressions.
In all Pampers' spend in both Greece and Sweden was €3M (index 238 yoy), this was a third less than Libero’s spend across the same time period in both countries.


• In Sweden, the gap widened against market leader Libero by up to 27 points amongst the ‘Point of Market Entry’ target of pregnant mums.
• In Greece, the gap increased even more significantly amongst committed users of Pampers, with increases of up to 35 points and highs of 86 points. Amongst occasional users the needle was shifted up to 12 points with highs of 39 points
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Manager:
Other credit:Account Director :Simon Sinclair
Account Planner: Mo Fisher
Advertising Manager:Mathilde Delhourne
EACA Euro Effies 2005
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