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Sberbank. Neighborhoods

Industry: Financial & Legal services
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism

As the biggest Russian bank Sberbank cares about Russian citizens. Campaign targets local communities with customized messages to gather data. Data from locals is being used to create messages for several types of small businesses. Messages are being delivered to existing bank’s small business clients (1.2 million in total) and other small businesses online via forecasting models. Every single placement is relatively small scale but number of placements allows to cover a huge number of people and businesses.Data is used for every stage of the campaign, contextualizing and personalizing every placement. In the first stage, data plays a strategic role. In the second stage, data becomes the message itself.

Retailers and service providers in Russian cities are often strangely located. Only 20% of new ventures survive the first two years.Sberbank is Russia’s largest bank, which can be a disadvantage, as entrepreneurs often prefer smaller banks that they believe have a more personal approach and a better understanding of small business. The brief is to run a campaign for small business loans, as well as demonstrate technological leadership and support for small businesses.

Hundreds of outdoor ads and over 3,000 unique online banners ask for local residents’ opinions on algorithm-generated business ideas for the neighborhood. Suggestions are based on broad range of data. Data gathered from local residents is used to create new unique ads for businesses.Messages are sent to all the bank’s business clients that fit the local need. Forecasting models are used to determine and contact suitable entrepreneurs online.With each response the algorithm learns to offer better choices for both locals and businesses.

The bank runs customized communications with thousands of target audiences. Non-standard media channels, forecasting models and predictive algorithms are used to reach target audiences on- and off-line.

Campaign generates 9X as many small business responses than traditional loan advertising campaigns.Campaign is 30% more cost-efficient than traditional campaigns. 3X as many customers take business development loans than from traditional loan campaigns. Sberbank has been approached by major Russian real estate developers to collaborate on better infrastructure planning in residential areas.

Sberbank process transactions for 80 million clients and 1.2 million businesses.Data show that infrastructure often doesn’t meet local needs. People's opinions on local needs fuel targeted campaigns, promoting loans for small businesses.Sberbank uses empty window fronts, billboards and geo-targeted online banners to ask locals’ opinions, offering algorithm-generated solutions. Local responses initiate an advertising campaign targeting suitable businesses.
Executive Creative Director:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: SBERBANK OF RUSSIA, Moscow, Russia
Media Agency: DENTSU SMART, Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Agency: SEGMENTO, Moscow, RUSSIA
Additional Company: GOOD DATA NEW YORK, USA
Agency Producer, Alevtina Kirsanova, GOOD MOSCOW
Associate Creative Director, Gleb Glonti, GOOD MOSCOW
Assistant, Natasha Sarvina, GOOD MOSCOW
Agency Producer, Ivan Paschenko, GOOD MOSCOW
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