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Make Your Next Move - John Malkovich

Industry: Internet sites & Services
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism

Squarespace exists to help entrepreneurs. So we didn’t make ads about ourselves, we launched businesses. John Malkovich is making his next move in life from Actor to Fashion Designer. Instead of paying a celebrity for a fleeting ad campaign, we partnered with John Malkovich to launch his new business on Squarespace. At the start of a brand new year we set out to inspire people and provide the platform to make a new venture a success. Launching ‘Make Your Next Move,’ a platform for entrepreneurs to pursue their passions.

- Your Next Move is the most successful initiative in Squarespace’s company history. - From one initial partnership, the platform launched over 100,000 new businesses. - Earning 3.15 billion media impressions. -50.4 million in earned media, covered by 366 publications globally.- Most traffic to in 12 years. - Generating the biggest revenue month in Squarespace’s history. - Super Bowl biggest revenue day in company history until the record was broken again the following day.- John Malkovich sold out his Fall and Winter collection.

Squarespace is an all-in-one web publishing platform that exists to help entrepreneurs put their ideas out into the world. Squarespace democratizes access to a professional web presence, so anyone can turn an idea into a respected, legitimate endeavor. To live this purpose, at the start of a brand new year we re-imagined our marketing model entirely. Instead of paying for fleeting ad campaigns, we set out to create mutually beneficial partnerships with influential entrepreneurs that would generate ongoing value. By launching real new businesses on the Squarespace web platform.

To launch the ‘Make Your Next Move’ initiative, Squarespace partnered with John Malkovich to tell his inspiring true-to-life story of making his next move at 63, from Actor to Fashion Designer. And then to launch his new menswear business on Squarespace - John The initiative was not an ad campaign but a mutually beneficial partnership that would promote John’s new business and seamlessly prove the power of the Squarespace web platform. Instead of traditional celebrity talent fees for an ad campaign, John received an integrated campaign promoting his new business on Squarespace. Achieving scale for Squarespace and John far beyond a traditional media buy. Then John’s online store a became a web template for other entrepreneurs to use and start their own venture on Squarespace.

‘Make Your Next Move’ launched on January 1st with the ‘John’s Journey’ film, breaking globally online. The true-to-life cinematic portrait of John Malkovich making his next move from Actor to Fashion Designer in Paris. This launched John’s new online business - and John received an integrated campaign, TV, Online Films, Social, PR, Editorial, OOH, Podcasts and more driving people to John Bespoke content was tailored across all platforms, from 3 minute video on demand placements, 30 second TV commercials, to hyper targeted social. Created to earn media in the iconic fashion editorial world and establish John as a designer. Then, two Super Bowl commercials amplified the partnership on the world’s biggest stage. Simultaneously promoting ‘Make Your Next Move’ and to 130 million people. We expanded with more partnerships with influencers in all industries. Custom sites, along with John’s, became templates for new entrepreneurs to use. Inspiring millions and giving them the platform to pursue their dreams.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Art Director:
Production Company:
Director of Photography:
Lighting & Art Direction:
Sound Design:
Other credit:Entrant Company: SQUARESPACE, New York, USA
Advertising Agency: JOHN X HANNES NEW YORK, USA
Media Agency: SQUARESPACE, New York, USA
Additional Company: NO6 , New York, USA
Additional Company: NO7, New York, USA
Additional Company: FORMOSA GROUP, Los Angeles, USA
Director of Brand Marketing, Amory Wooden, Squarespace
Marketing Manager, Farah Sheikh, Squarespace
Marketing Manager, Natasha Ivankovitser, Squarespace
Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Casalena, Squarespace
Design Lead, Donovan Mafnas, Squarespace
Executive Producer, Kristine Ling, JohnXHannes
Head of Client Management, Verena Zannantoni, JohnXHannes
Audio Post Mixer, John Bolen, Formosa
Audio Post Mixer, Steve Rosen, SONIC UNION
Executive Producers, Allison Kuzman, Patrick Milling-Smith, Brian Carmody, SMUGGLER
VFX, Verdi Sevenhuysen, NO7
US Line Producer, Alex Orlovsky, SMUGGLER
Colorist, Tom Poole, ArtJail
VFX, Steve Mottershead, ArtJail
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