Kyler Potter

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Tastes Like Saving the Planet

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Dechmongkol Prasertsit

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Duodenum Girl

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Antoine Moittié

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This Drive Campaign for Burger King® Leave TracesWill

We know that once in your hands, a BURGER KING® order never lasts long… and that, even after going to Drive. This is why since August 6, BURGER KING® has been directly addressing those looking forward to its drives through a press and poster campaign. Who has never cracked when they hit their pack of fries after going to Drive BURGER KING®? Yet we want to wait until we are back home, we tell ourselves that we are not going to crack and then the enticing smell of the order just prepared invades the car … and it is she who pays expenses. Signed “Welcome to the impatient”, the campaign, composed of 4 visuals, features the passenger compartment of gourmets who could not resist starting their burger or taking fries before arriving home. And impatience leaves traces… The campaign has been unveiled since August 6, in the automotive press – Auto Moto, Auto Plus, L’Auto Journal, L’Automobile Magazine – and from August 25 on local display in several cities equipped with a Drive BURGER KING® near.

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Jasper De Ryck

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Be Safe, Be Late

Be Safe Be Late Be late for work on the first day of school Because I feel safer, when you don’t have to rush

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Cherry Koshy

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Kawan Back to School

Header: Remember the Courteous Paratha? Copy:The Good Eyed Joe loved by all. First to offer you a class seat, ever the helping hand raised in class to fill up for you when you weren’t around. That melting mushy kindness that could easily pass off as plain ol’ goodness. Like the simple and plain goodness of a Kawan Paratha. Friendlicious memories last long! It’s a Throw Back to School! #CourteousParatha #FlavoursofNostalgia #BackToSchool #KawanParathas #ThrowBacktoSchool #schoolfriends

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