Jérome Galland


Starwax is Launching a Campaign That Disturbs... Maniacs Only.

Starwax and its new agency Buzzman decided to do things spotlessly for the housekeeping brand created in France in 1946. A first large-scale press and poster campaign that establishes a reason for being on top of the new brand signature: “As obsessive as you”. A campaign set to disturb any self-respecting cleanliness freak, on air as of 1st July. In a world where “average” is tempting, Starwax claims and celebrates the virtues of cleanliness and care. Through its hyper-specialised top-of-the-range products, the brand positions itself as an expert in home maintenance and wishes to highlight a community that is too often judged and criticised: ‘cleanliness freaks’ . Because yes, at Starwax, being passionate about efficiency is not a bad flaw, it is about pride. And because cleanliness and care are often hidden in the detail, the brand is launching a campaign that is “disturbing” for any self-respecting cleanliness enthusiast. Discover this poste campaign in Paris on 1st July and in Bordeaux on 4th July, supported by a social media activation and a press campaign. This campaign will be followed by a second national poster campaign at the end of August.